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American households have seen drastic changes in the way they use power over the past 50 years. In fact, the demand for electric current is a hundred times greater for the average home than it was when we started our business back in 1962. In today’s technology-driven world, it is becoming increasingly common for electronic devices to be powered day and night. This surge of electricity places tremendous strain upon a home’s wiring as well as the electrical panel. Therefore, extra precautions must be observed in order to ensure safety and optimal power system performance.
If you’re looking to keep up with these advancements and upgrade your electrical panel at your central or northern New Jersey home, Protocol Electric & Air specializes in providing efficient solutions that are tailored to meet all of your needs!



When you call Protocol Electric & Air for your electrical emergencies, you can trust that your family’s safety is in the best hands. Our team of skilled technicians offers well-suited solutions for even the most urgent issues. We provide reliable remedies at cost – no matter what time of the day or night it may be!

Top Signs That Your Home Needs an Electrical Panel Upgrade

An upgraded circuit panel is an excellent way to enhance your home’s outdated electrical system and enjoy improved power efficiency. If any of these scenarios apply to you, consider making this smart upgrade today!

✓ Your current circuit has less than 200 amps of electricity available 

✓ If it has screw-in type fuses

✓ You must shut off one appliance to run another.

✓ You’re undertaking a major renovation or home addition

✓ You hear a crackling sound coming from your panel box

✓ Fuses blow regularly

✓ Circuit breakers trip frequently

✓ Appliances aren’t running on full power

✓ Lights flicker

✓ Outlets are two-pronged (non-grounded)

✓ There is a need for more outlets

✓ You need to add a sub panel. 240v circuit or a surge protector

✓ Ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlets are required

✓ Homeowners insurance requires an upgrade

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Any EV Electrical Charger Installation

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Protocol Electric & Air is The Name To Know For All Your Electrical Needs!

At Protocol Electric & Air, we offer comprehensive electrical solutions to ensure a safe and efficient home. Our technicians guarantee the best service panel upgrades available, delivering superior results you can confidently trust! With Weltman, quality services are just a call away.

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